Our Ministries

Although we are a brand new church, the Lord has already blessed our church with opportunities to minister to our community!

Piano Keys


The Lord longs to hear us sing to Him! Because of that, we are thankful God has blessed City Baptist Church with a vibrant music ministry that allows us to do just that as a church family. Our church has several gifted musicians that use their talents to enhance the service and bless the name of our Lord.


From our very first service, we have had babies that needed a professional, safe nursery. Our nurseries follow the latest standards and practices to ensure your babies have a safe, clean, and welcoming environment giving moms peace of mind while they worship the Lord.

Kindergarten Classroom
Image by Ben Wicks
Image by Ben White


Our Lord commanded us to “suffer the little children to come unto” Him. We seek to do this through our Sunday School ministry. Your children will be taught the Bible in a systematic and engaging way, allowing them to start with a strong foundation in their own Christian walk with God. We also have special events throughout the year just for our children!


Ultimately, the church does not exist to provide social experiences for their members, but to get the gospel out into our community. While our members are encouraged to practice personal soulwinning throughout the week, City Baptist Church goes out each week for organized soulwinning.